Circular Economy Playbook
Circular Economy business models
for Finnish SMEs in the manufacturing industries
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Explore why the circular
economy is relevant
“It is great to see a systematic and thought provoking set of concrete tools and a process to assist companies moving towards circular economy.”
Jussi Hattula, Director, TESI
“Circular economy is not only a case of recycling things, this is an opportunity to re-invent your business – an opportunity to re-think your business model.”
Jouni Teppo, Managing Director, Sisu Axles
"Nokia realizes that it is ideally placed to enable the move towards a zero emission digital future. Collaborating using this capability and ambition to build toolkits and improve understanding of the importance and opportunities of circularity will build sustainable momentum needed in closing the loop."
Pia Tanskanen, Head of Environment, Nokia Oyj
Why circular economy?
Understand the advantages and untapped value potential of the circular economy
What opportunities exist?
Assess your company’s current state and identify the circular business models that can help you
Which capabilities are required?
Organisational requirements: understand which capabilities are needed to operate your selected model(s)
Which technologies
can support the circularity?
Explore technologies that can enable your selected model(s) and assess your technology maturity
How to design
the transformation journey?
Understand the key steps, common barriers and success factors. Design a transformation roadmap