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Download the Playbook with all the chapters and company examples from here. The supporting tools and user guides can be found after each section on the website. (Drag “Explore why the circular economy is relevant”. You find the first tools at end of the chapter “What opportunities exist?” At the end of every chapter there are link to the tools of that particular chapter.)


This playbook is tailored to companies in the Finnish manufacturing industry giving examples for the following four sub-sectors:


(1) Machinery & Equipment, (2) Marine, (3) Energy and (4) Transportation

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It specifically addresses companies that want to
Better meet customer expectations and deliver customer outcomes
Enable outcome-oriented solutions and new levels of efficiency through technology and digitalisation
Improve resource utilisation and mitigate risk from regulatory, investor and societal pressure


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This playbook calls for action by


Why circular economy?


Understand the advantages and untapped value potential of the circular economy


What opportunities exist?


Assess your company’s current state and identify the circular business models that can help you
Tools: Business model development toolkit, Value case tool


Which capabilities are required?


Organisational requirements: understand which cababilities are needed to operate your selected model(s)
Tools: Capability maturity assessment


Which technologies
can support the circularity?


Explore technologies that can enable your selected model(s) and assess your technology maturity
Tools: Technology maturity assessment


How to design
the transformation journey?


Understand the key steps, common barriers and success factors. Design a transformation roadmap
Tools: Culture gap analysis, Ecosystem partner identification, Funding requirement analysis, Roadmap development, Business model canvas



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